Debut of GMC Hummer EV initially set for May 20 is now delayed indefinitely due to Coronavirus

The much-anticipated debut of the electric Hummer truck is now going to take longer than expected because of COVID-19. Read this update about the model here!

The glamorous announcement of an upcoming electric GMC Hummer truck earlier this year made everyone thrilled and expectant of the debut initially slated for May 20 this year. Unfortunately, new reports claim that the debut of this anticipated electric truck has now been postponed indefinitely due to the current COVID-19 crisis and disruptions.


The expected reveal date of the upcoming electric GMC Hummer truck has been postponed indefinitely because of COVID-19

After Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted cruising around in his electric Hummer H1 truck last December, many car lovers have been anticipating the debut of the official GMC hummer electric truck since then. The initially announced date was May 20, but following recent press statements of American automaker, GMC; the wait will be longer than expected.

According to the press statements of GMC, the production of this electric Hummer pickup truck still continues as planned, meaning that the truck should hit dealerships by 2021 end. Interestingly, this planned arrival period will coincide with that of other popular electric trucks like the “much-hyped” Tesla Cybertruck.

As compensation to fans for the sudden postponement, GMC released a new “teaser” video of this coming electric Hummer truck. This teaser video does not really give many details as the camera was far from the truck.

Check out the released teaser video below;

  GMC Teases Hummer EV Again

GMC cannot really be directly blamed for this indefinite postponement of the Hummer electric truck’s debut as the COVID-19 pandemic also affects many other automakers in the United States with most auto firms still on lockdown. Everyone is currently waiting to see the turnout of events next month with the hope that the disease will be contained on time and normal activities could begin soon.

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