5 Natural Oils That Nourishes You Hair


Treating your hair is one of the hardest thing to do and it takes commitment. Well, a lot of people really do not commit themselves to growing their natural hair which has brought about natural oils for nourishing and having a better state of their hair. If you’re someone like me who wants to grow natural hair and faster, here are 5 most popular oils for growing your hair.

Hair Oil: Best Hair Oil For Hair Growth, Dry Hair, and Dandruff

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Olive Oil

Olive oil is definitely the most popular oil I know and majority of you end up using it to cook alone when it has more features like nourishing your hair and making your face glow after several use. These oil as it seem to end in most people’s kitchen can soothe the skin on your head when massaged into your scalp.

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The Olive oil can help your hair stay stronger and healthier. Massaging it into your scalp will soothe the skin on your head like I mentioned before and help you get rid of itchiness, remove dandruff. After using Shampoo on your hair and using Olive oil, it will help retain moisture and nutrients better for fast hair growth. To achieve the best effect with your olive oil treatments, make sure to look for extra virgin olive oil.

Castor Oil

Just recently did we discovered that the Castor oil, particularly Black castor oil can replenish lost nutrients and also nourishes your hair, irrespective of who you are. The caster oil was formerly another multi-purpose oil which could be used for cooking, washing of hair and a few others.

The castor oil have been said to contain ash from roasted castor beans which makes it the most popular oil for hair growth. You should especially consider using castor oil if you are noticing thinning edges. It works pretty fast and makes your hair curvy.

Shea Butter

Shea butter which is also called ORI as they say isn’t actually an oil but it can definitely reach the consistency of oil if you melt it which can be done by putting it out to the sun fully exposed. Shea butter have numerous uses in beauty but it is particularly loved in the hair community for its amazing properties. You should keep in mind that the light yellow shea butter is better than the refined varieties.

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The most valuable benefit of Shea butter is that, it has the ability to soften strong hair and make it look softer and more manageable to comb and weave hair. Shea butter also help repair worn out tissues and also help protect your hair against damaging sunlight, and can be mixed with any other oil and creams for super double effect.

Argan Oil

Argan oil are very expensive though they work best for hairs. Would you want to know how expensive Argan oils are? Well, I was at Bioviva Holistic Spa, the best Spa I could find in Ikeja a few weeks ago and after my Thai massage, they offered to sell a Argan glow oil to me at 13k. I was dumb for like 3 seconds and quickly rejected it. Who will like to grow broke.

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I plan getting the 2 of the oil for myself next month because I am a fan of natural hairs too.

Someone also told me a little trick known in the hair community is to add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner instead of applying it directly to your hair – that way, you will experience the same effect without spending a lot of money on each treatment session.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another amazing oil for fast and stunning hair growth. You would not want to argue this out as you would have guessed it’ll be on this list of 5 natural oils for hair nourishment. It is hard for any other oil to compete with coconut oil as at this stage because its quite very popular and when it comes to hair treatments, coconut oil is your go-to guy.
Whenever possible, try to opt for organic coconut oil, since it has a much stronger effect on the hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known as a strong moisturizer for dry and damaged hair. By penetrating each hair, coconut oil is able to not only lock the moisture inside your tresses, but also supply them with valuable nutrients required for a healthy and sleek look.

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