People who can’t let go of N5k are telling records labels being owed millions to “forgive and forget“ – OAP Gbemi reacts to Jude Okoye and Cynthia Morgan saga

OAP Gbemi has also joined the social conversation centered on Jude Okoye and Cynthia Morgan’s contract saga.

In tweets she shared, the media personality stated that people who can’t let go of N5k are asking record labels being owed millions to “just forgive and forget“. Gbemi also advised people going into any contract-signing deal to get good lawyers. 

She tweeted; 

Artiste o, Label o, Entrepreneur o, investor o- get good lawyers . Read your contracts well. And do your best to be fair .

Some of you here will not allow a 5,000 Naira debt go but you’re asking a record label that is being owed millions by an artiste to “just forgive and forget “ . Hilarious . Stop asking others to do what you cannot do .

Orishirishi stories . I always say I should write a book but I’m busy abeg + you people like to download books and not buy .

A lot of people think it’s just for an artiste to record a hot song (as if that it easy ) and the artiste just blows. There’s so much more that happens @bizzleosikoya do you want to do a thread or IG live to discuss this ? And the approximate cost to break an artiste in?

It’s also because people still don’t understand that this is business . People are feeding their families from this

I don’t care how talented your artiste is . Money must be spent . Recording sessions , mixing /mastering , their look, publicity , perception , their videos . Etc . There’s so much money being spent . And we don’t even do it properly in Naija. More is spent abroad .

People who can